Sunday, April 20, 2014

What I Wish for Easter~

What I Wish for Easter~

Unlike Miss America contestants, I do not cavalierly wish for “world peace”, that elusive condition which would mean all men and women have reached nirvana and no longer have need of war.

My wishes for this Easter are not particularly religious or secular, but what from my view would make life in the USA right:

1)   Laws would not be required to ensure equality for all men and women of any race, creed, color, national origin or physical characteristic;
2)   People would laud teachers, philanthropists, police officers, fire fighters, and everyday heroes and understand that athletes, actors, and those in the media are ordinary people that are paid too much for what they do;
3)   Everybody in the USA would have health care available for basic needs without regard to income or what a private health insurer will pay; I am not a fan of national heath care but the system we have is so flawed and filled with corruption and inefficient that I know there has to be a better way. Preventive care is key to reducing the overall costs;
4)   Common sense would prevail in civil litigation; punitive damages would be eliminated except for the most egregious cases that involve a criminal conviction of the defendant; juries would only award damages based upon reasonable costs rather than a Cadillac option; and nobody would be held responsible for the actions of somebody else.
5)   If somebody is an adult at 18, they are an adult at 18 for everything; parents should not be held responsible if an 18-year-old drinks and drives; if one can go to war, vote, marry, hold a job – one can buy alcohol and drink it.
6)   Everybody would accept personal responsibility for his or her own actions; stop the blame game; if you trip and fall, you probably weren’t watching where you were walking; stop blaming the property owner; buy a Powerball ticket. Quit suing people!
7)   Be kind to people; practicing random acts of kindness fosters happiness in the person being kind;
8)   Spend time outside.
9)   Make your kids spend time outside;
10)                   Make your kids take responsibility for their actions;
11)                   Turn off the TV;
12)                   Plant flowers – even if it is a pot on our balcony;
13)                   Understand that nobody really wants to hear your children in a restaurant, theater or cultural institution; nobody wants you kid to be running around in a restaurant or bar; take your kid to Chuck-E-Cheese – keep them out of the adult world unless you want me to tell you they are brats;
14)                   whatever your religion or belief system, I am ok with it; but I don’t need to hear about it;
15)                  whatever your sexual preference, I am okay with it; but I don’t need to hear about it;
16)                   whatever your political views, I am okay with it; but I don’t need to hear about it;
17)                   the media really doesn’t have a right to know every facet of one’s life; if he or she wants to remain private, then let them be private; I, for one, do not care who is gay, who filed bankruptcy, who gained 50 pounds, or went to rehab; the people’s right to know should be limited to actions of government – not private citizens – even if they are celebrities;
18)                  people should be able to mourn loss in private;
19)                   in my world, no human would be judged on anything but what he or she brings to the table for whatever job is open;
20)                   no student would leave an institution of higher learning with a $100K debt;
21)                   airlines would not be able to charge outrageous fees for overweight luggage;
22)                  there would be no need to write articles about whether it is better for a women to stay at home with kids or work;

Okay – enough soapboxes for one sacred holiday! I just wish for my ideal world where every human is equal, earns what he/she should based solely on merit, where nobody judges another based on his/her own views, and where every American being has access to basic human services. I know, it is a fantasy, but it shouldn’t be.

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