Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Practicing Yoga Keeps Me Centered

Practicing Yoga Keeps Me Centered

It is so easy to become absorbed in my job to the point where I can focus on work to the exclusion of self-care. My former self tended to ignore my responsibility to nurture my mind and body in service to a corporation that ultimately disintegrated despite my herculean efforts.

Fortunately, through self-study, taking a personal inventory, developing a deep spirituality and focusing on introspection while working towards recovery in Al Anon, a fellowship for friends and relatives of alcoholics, I learned that living life to its fullest meant that I owed myself kindness, consideration, healthy food, exercise, time for meditation, opportunity for personal fulfillment, and surrounding myself with like-minded people.

Bow Pose

Making the decision to begin practicing yoga helped me find the path to spiritual and physical wellbeing that changed my approach to living. Now, I use my desire and need to practice yoga as a solid reason to sign off my computer and leave work by 5:15pm two to three evenings per week so that I can attend a 5:45pm class.

Child's Pose

Often is doesn’t matter what style of yoga is offered at that time. Just knowing that I have an outlet for a conscious moving meditation to help me forget the stresses of the day is impetus enough.  Even when the particular practice is more advanced that my physical abilities, I know that I will find some benefit to participating. And I always leave the studio feeling better.

This morning my professional day started with stressful interactions with upper management.  I felt as if I were trapped on the hamster wheel going round & round. Then I stopped, diffused some aromatic essential oils into the air, and accepted that I had less than 7.5 hours until my yoga practice where I would find rejuvenation. And by the time class was over at 7:00pm this evening, I felt abundant, liberated, and joyful. That is the gift of my practice. I am centered.

Tree / Pose of the Dancer / Bow Variation

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