Sunday, May 18, 2014

Enjoying An Afternoon of Solitude

Enjoying An Afternoon of Solitude

Most people after first meeting me conclude that I am an extrovert. And I am a social animal that enjoys being with positively focused people. But I also crave solitude and revel in being alone, a oneness with nature, a good book or magazine, and absolute quiet.

More often than not when I am home by myself (and the cats- Samson Baloney and Biscuit/Biscotti) I exist with nothing but the ambient sounds that surround me – no radio, no television, no white noise machine – just the humming of the electric appliances and the songs of the birds and insects or the pitter-patter of cats racing up and down the stairs. Something about the silence brings me peace.

Yesterday afternoon I carried my solitude into the world at large: a donation to the Salvation Army, lunch with my book at Panera Bread, and a leisurely drive on 522 South through Front Royal, Virginia to Rappahannock Winery to pick up our Wine Club shipments. While at the winery, I ordered a glass of Old World Red, carried it out to the deck that looks over the vineyard, and absorbed the feel of the sun. The winery was crowded with a tour bus full of tasters, but they didn’t infringe upon my peace. Ultimately, it was an afternoon of pure bliss.

I am filled with gratitude that I have evolved to a place in which I can exist as a whole person, feeling entirely contented, within my own skin. Now, if only we can add a view of the Mississippi River or an ocean all will be perfect!

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