Friday, May 9, 2014

Keep An Open Mind

Keep An Open Mind

One of the things I’ve learned through my spiritual journey is to keep an open mind. Sometimes we have an idea of the path we should take but try to force the solution. This is rarely of benefit. My experience has revealed that sometimes the Universe brings us an answer. But it is up to us to be receptive.

For the last 12.5 years I’ve had the belief that my career path should lead me into a particular position. Twice I’ve applied for the job that I thought was ideal for my skill sets and twice I’ve been disappointed. But then out of the blue, I was approached to join a different team. The opportunities afforded by this change are perfect for my skills. As an added bonus, this team is assigning me a geographical area to over that includes our 3-5 year plan for relocating to a spot of peace and serenity in which we will be surrounded by gardens within sight of water. What serendipity! It is as if all of the dominoes are falling into place!

I’ve learned that if I try to force a solution, the end result will not be to my benefit. As such, I know that it would not be in my best interest or that of my family for me to apply a third time for the position I thought I wanted. I would probably be successful the third time and ultimately be miserable. Just like the situations where I’ve tried to send an email that didn’t go through the first 2 times. Persistence may have resulted in success, but ultimately I only found regrets. Reading the cards is key. There is a reason the Universe interferes! Pay attention.

So now I am looking at the new opportunities with fresh eyes and gratitude. I never imagined that I would be offered the chance to work with this team! It truly is the answer!  But I never would have considered this option had I not been open to taking an alternate road. This is the path to Nirvana.

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