Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thoughts for Recent Graduates

Thoughts for Recent Graduates

Looking back over the years since I was graduated from my university and thinking of my nephew and his friends who are entering the workforce this summer, I have the following thoughts to share in no particular order:

1)            The first job you get may not be a big deal, but it could open doors;
2)            You have to pay your dues;
3)            Start saving in your 401K immediately; I wish I had;
4)            Investigate any opportunity; I made a career in an industry and position for which I had no knowledge, prior interest or education; insurance has been very good to me;
5)            Travel the USA; travel the world; experience life to the fullest;
6)            Don’t get tied down by marriage and kids too young;
7)            Celebrate the moments, the little things, your family; it matters;
8)            Try new things;
9)            Learn to cook; it is relaxing and always means love;
10)         Only buy what you love;
11)         If you don’t love it, give it away; donate it to charity;
12)         Practice yoga and meditation; it is good for the mind, body and soul;
13)         Don’t loan money to friends or family unless you mean it to be a gift;
14)         Do NOT offer unsolicited advice; it always ends badly;
15)         Do not offer solicited advice it always ends badly;
16)         Accept people for who they are; you can’t change them and if you try they will resent you;
17)         Accept life on life’s terms;
18)         Laugh;
19)         Accept that dust bunnies are ok; life is too short to worry about a spotless home;
20)         Read books;
21)         Turn off the TV;
22)         Go to a music festival and listen to something different;
23)         Embrace change;
24)         If opportunity knocks, open the door;
25)         Do not stay in a job you hate for the money;
26)         The years pass quickly, savor every moment;
27)         Ride rollercoasters;
28)         Take a hot air balloon ride;
29)         Drive a convertible;
30)         Accept invitations even if you aren’t excited; you might meet somebody or have an experience that you will love;
31)         Take chances;
32)         If somebody doesn’t like you – so what?
33)         Don’t wear the same hairstyle, clothes, shoes, make-up for more than a year; change is inevitable and good!
34)         Show your loved ones that you love them; call or write or email or Skype regularly;
35)         If you have a significant other that doesn’t like your friend and family, it is probably the significant other that is f%@##$ed up. Really, it is.
36)         If your significant other is an asshole sometimes, he/she probably is an asshole all the time; accept it and dump them;
37)         Money can buy property, jewelry, a luxury car, designer clothes, and status symbols, but it cannot buy peace, serenity and contentment. I’ve had it all and misery is misery. Although it is preferable to be miserable with money;
38)         When you are young and carefree, live in the City;
39)         Don’t stay in a bad relationship out of fear or loneliness; there are far worse things than being alone;
40)         It is okay to shop alone, go to movies alone, travel alone, celebrate time alone; alone does not mean lonely;
41)         Learn to say “no”; it is not only okay, it is liberating;
42)         Use the good dishes. Crystal, and towels everyday;
43)         Live each day as if it were your last;
44)         Stop and smell the honeysuckle, taste the freshness of a homegrown tomato with salt and a bit of balsamic vinegar, touch the softness of cashmere, celebrate the sights of a sunrise from your window,  listen to the sounds of summer raindrops on the roof, and savor the memories of yesterday.
45)         Save an abandoned animal;
46)         Practice random acts of kindness – open a door, let somebody in front of you in traffic, pay for the person behind you at Starbucks, give a beggar a dollar;

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