Monday, May 5, 2014

The Delight of Dining in New Orleans

The Delight of Dining in New Orleans

While I’ve had the pleasure of dining in some lovely establishments throughout the world, there is no place like New Orleans, Louisiana for exquisite fare that will destroy your taste-buds for less flavorful food. No matter your gastronomical preferences, NOLA has it in spades!

If I were to select the perfect location for indulging in fine food, it would be NOLA.  In my humble opinion it would be nearly impossible to have a bad meal. The array of restaurants is superb and the prices are far more reasonable than one would find in New York. Not to mention the better weather and the fact one can buy a Daiquiri “to go”.

Emeril has three dining establishments in NOLA. Our favorite beyond any question is the Emeril’s flagship in the Warehouse District. The service is superb, the ambiance inviting and the service without parallel. Next I would suggest his NOLA bistro, which has a pleasant ambiance in a 3-story structure with interior brick walls that convey an upscale casual feel. The food was excellent and the service top notch. Emeril’s Delmonico felt too stiltedly formal and overpriced. The food was good and the service was as well, but we enjoyed it far less than any of the other dining establishments we patronized this trip.

John Besh is another topflight executive chef with several restaurants in NOLA. We dined at GW Fins in the French Quarter, which presented excellent food and wine, but lackluster service. While one could attribute the lapses in service to the influx of visitors for Jazzfest, at this level, there are no excuses. Particularly when compared to his restaurant in the Warehouse District, the top of class August, which afforded incomparable food and stellar service. I’ve truly never had a dessert as magnificent as the Blueberry Pavlova at August. This dessert swayed my chocolate lover husband into new dessert territory!

Finally, we indulged in the famous BBQ shrimp at Mr. B’s Bistro, a NOLA flagship dish at a Brennan restaurant institution. While the food lived up to expectations, the service was abysmal. C’est dommage! We’ve learned you can have it all – if you go to Emeril’s or August! 

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