Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Beauty of a Spring Rain

The Beauty of a Spring Rain

After a wretched winter of sub-zero bitter cold temperatures combined with higher than average snowfall I can embrace anything that spring has to offer. I’ve heard the complaints among the general population regarding the seeming never-ending rains; however, it is with gratitude that I celebrate the softly falling rains and occasional storms that signal the arrival of warm weather.

For me there is something sublimely wonderful about the smell of a spring rain. The freshness is intoxicating. The air is filled with the aroma of honeysuckle. The feel of the raindrops on my bare skin reminds me of a caress. My toes are freed from socks, boots, or loafers. The ambient temperature is warm; I can forget the assault of the snow blowing in my face as I eradicate the accumulating snow from my driveway. Comparatively speaking, the sight, smell and feel of the rain are bliss.

I’ve heard numerous souls complain about the rain- how it slows traffic, causes baseball games to be delayed, dampens a picnic, drives the smokers into entryways that allow the fetid smells to permeate a home or business. But the rain brings the promise of flowers, tomato plants exploding with fruit, wells being replenished, the earth absorbing the moisture as a reserve when mid-summer drought strikes, and the reminder that a power greater than ourselves exists.

Instead of ruing the spring rains, I celebrate them and thank the Universe for replenishing that which we need to survive. We are made of water. The surface of the earth is primarily water. We need water to thrive. The rains are a gift. And there are few things more pleasant than lounging on our front porch watching, listening and smelling the rain.

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