Monday, July 16, 2012

Abuse of the Social Welfare System...Up close and personal

My Personal Experience With Abuse of the Social Welfare System

While many people, including myself, believe it is humane to give a helping hand to those less fortunate, the fact of the matter is – the social welfare state creates an entire subculture of abusers that cost all of us tax payers. The abuse is systemic.  

Much of the abuse started when the stigmatism of teenage parenthood disappeared and when state governments decided it was the “right thing” to subsidize single mothers – to make it easier for them to move out of the family home and into subsidized housing, to be afforded subsidized child care, provide free child health care, WIC coupons, and not require them to work full time.

It pains me to report that a member of my immediate family planned to exploit the system. Several of her friends had already had one or two children and had figured out how to apply for and receive handouts from the state. She thought it would be a great idea to follow in their footsteps.

My experience is limited to the microcosm of the young adult population of what one can do to avoid work in a Mid-western state that is shaped like a mitten.  Despite the state’s depressed economy, the social welfare state is alive and well in Michigan.

Just a few short weeks before announcing an unplanned pregnancy by an unknown unidentified sperm donor, my close relative and I  had a discussion about contraception. I was told that Depo Provera  shots were inconvenient because one had to have an injection 4 times per year. And birth control pills were too expensive. I mentioned the free option of the county health department or the sliding scale fees of Planned Parenthood. Both of those options were also inconvenient.

When I received an email 6 weeks later announcing the pregnancy, all of the plans were in place. Anybody who was not “on board” with the plan, was ultimately un-friended on Facebook. Oh the tragedy of it all! And, despite the need to rely upon the state to pay her way, thought it was just fine to use a $45 gift from her mother for a pedicure.. all the while asking for a cash subsidy  from a parental unit to assist with car repairs. I must say that I have a real problem with any state or the federal government using my tax money to support these slugs.

This is not an extraordinary experience. The people that wrongly use the system take the limited funds away from those people in real need. I do  not resent helping people in real need who have no way to help themselves. But I do have a problem supporting those who can help themselves and choose not to do so because they are LAZY. And…there is a lot of lazy going on.

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