Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tank Tops - For Women of Any Age

Tanks Tops

Tank tops are not just for summer any more – at least for this woman of a certain age who experiences personal heat waves in every season.  While there are those in the image consultant industry that eschew tank tops for women over 40, I flip them an imaginary bird and indulge in the comfort and delight of my array of colorful tanks. Of course, I have  NOT developed bat wings yet thanks to my regular yoga practices. There is nothing like a series of sun salutations with multiple chaturangas (yoga push ups)  to keep the upper arms toned. (And yes, I do them on my knees rather than a full push up because I have bilateral wrist injuries.)

During the summer I wear a tank nearly every day with skirts, linen pants or shorts or my garishly patterned Bermuda shorts. In spring and fall I wear them with lightweight cardigans or jackets.  In the midst of winter I wear a tank or a shell under my suit jackets at the office. Not only must I contend with the hormonal fluctuations one experiences when achieving an age of wisdom, but my office fails miserably at regulating the ambient temperature. In summer, my fingers become number from the over achieving air conditioning system. In winter, by 10:00am it is so unbearably hot that we are nodding off onto our keyboards. Hence – one of numerous reasons that I tend to telecommute as often as possible.

My go to shop for tanks is Chico’s. For the casual summer tank, the Chico’s solid color Tivona tank is top notch. It is made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex, has a scoop neck  & comes in a wide array of colors. It washes beautifully, retains it color, and the shoulders cover bra straps.

Chico’s also offers lovely patterned tanks that substitute for shells under solid jackets. The microfiber tank is also a solid performer.   I must confess that I keep adding to my collection and replace worn colors whenever there is a sale. And….there are regular sales. Right now the Tivona tank is on sale for $15.00. Regular price $25.00. Of more than 230 reviews – the tank rates 4.6 out of 5.

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