Monday, July 30, 2012

The Olympics Coverage by US Media

I’ve loved watching the Olympics since I was  a kid and ABC Wide World of Sports showed the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The best part of the TV coverage for me was the ability to watch international athletes on the world stage who competed for gold or the best that they could be.

My problem with the coverage provided by NBC for this Olympics and the recent Olympic events they have covered is the narrow focus of the coverage in conjunction with the inane human -interest stories. Really – did the Today Show crew really have to subject the viewing public to their embarrassing foray into Olympic fast walking this morning?

I do not need to see American athletes standing on the podium as the Star Spangled Banner is played. I do not need to see a story about how somebody’s mom is disappointed because her child has been denied the chance to compete for a medal. I want to see coverage of the best athletes in the world competing in a variety of athletic events.

When I watch an event of worthy interest, I want to see the world class athletes in any event.  When focusing on gymnastics, as an example, I want to see the performances of the major competitors- not just the athletes from the USA. I also want to see less biased reporting. From my perspective the Olympics do not afford an opportunity to ratchet up medal counts and nationalism – instead the event should foster a spirit of international community that honors the best of the nations. I personally, want to honor and view the excellence wherever it originates.

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