Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Still Addicted to Jeopardy

Jeopardy is the only game show that I watch. I remember watching the original daytime version with Art Fleming as host from my childhood days when I was home from school.

But it was not until Alex Trebek began hosting the daily nighttime version in 1984 that I became somewhat of an addict. And I still love Jeopardy.  Night after night if I am home at 7:30pm, I will tune in to watch Alex Trebek host the show that requires one to know the question to the answer.  My ears still perk up and my heart feel light when I hear the music that signifies Final Jeopardy! I love that Jeopardy promotes the pursuit of knowledge.  And I think it helps keep me focused on the continued pursuit of learning.

Some days the categories are so difficult that I feel like an absolute idiot. On other days the answers seem so simple as to make me wonder how the contestants lucked out to have such easy categories and then managed to muck it all up!

No matter what day, I am impressed and awed by those who even take the test to attempt to qualify to appear on Jeopardy. One of my cousins took the plunge and I give her huge kudos for her efforts. I have not been nearly so brave!

It is easy to watch at home and know the answers. But it must be so challenging to think quickly on one’s feet while the cameras are rolling and the spot light is on.  

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