Monday, July 2, 2012

Movies: Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter.....

No doubt people who know me well will tilt their heads quizzically with the thought I would voluntarily go to the theater to watch “Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter” and may think hell is freezing over when I say I loved it! I confess, of course, I originally agreed to go to humor Todd. While I've been a fan of Ann Rice fare since I first read The Mayfair Witches in the early 90's, I've had no inclination to join the cadres of recent vampire movie lovers. The Twilight Saga has interested me not one iota.

This movie, however, is a delightfully preposterous tour de force with a story line that mixes a curiously skewed biography of Abraham Lincoln who is living a secret life while seeking to avenge the death of his mother, who died at the hands of a vampire, with Chinese style martial arts (albeit with a silver tipped ax), subtle and not so subtle humor, entertaining special effects, a significant amount of laughably entertaining bloody violence, the noticeable hand of Tim Burton, and the fight for right over.....well, the undead. And, for those who care about historically accurate costuming, the costumes and hair are far less awful than in some serious historical dramas. (not-withstanding the female vampire in the dominatrix outfit). The cast is mostly unknown at least to me) with the exception of Rufus Sewell, who has performed in two of my favorite mini series – Pillars of the Earth and John Adams. He is decidedly appealing even as an evil vampire trying to take over the Confederacy so the undead have a homeland.

This is one of the most entertaining flicks I've watched in an age. Not a dull moment throughout, can watch in 3D! It may have been slightly less amusing had we not gone to the Alamo Draft-house, which gave us the opportunity to enhance our viewing pleasure with a pitcher of Eight Point IPA from the Devils Backbone Brewing Company in Lexington, Virginia – my new favorite brew! Watch it and enjoy the roller coaster of a ride!

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