Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Celebrating Today

Celebrating Today

My brother and maternal parental unit forwarded an email that has made the rounds over the last decade reminding us that we aren’t promised tomorrow and to wear the nice lingerie today.

About 10 years ago I took this concept to heart and decided that I would no longer save things “for good”. I’d received a 14 place setting of Noritake china for my first wedding and never used it. It was displayed in a china cabinet and then stored in Texas for years while I lived overseas gathering dust. After 12 years I’d used the dishes maybe 3 times before I sent it off to my ex husband as part of our property division.  That wasn’t all so traumatic since I’d purchased a lovely set of Spode while spite shopping in Hong Kong. But, I’d still kept those dishes “for good”.  One morning I decided to live for today, purged the “everyday dishes” from the cabinet, moved the Spode out into the light, and began using it everyday.  The “everyday dishes” went to Goodwill. I love the Spode Chinese Rose circa 1816 pattern that was first sold under the Copeland Spode name – no doubt an ancestor.  Every meal or snack is a celebration of beauty.

I try to carry this way of life into every aspect of my life. I drink wine from a crystal goblet every day. I wear jewelry I love everyday. (Really – everyday is a tiara day).  When I work at home, I still get up at the regular time, shower, and dress in something that makes my heart sing.  I carry a handbag I love everyday. I use a wallet I love everyday. And yes, I wear personal linens I love everyday.

Whenever I talk with my loved ones I tell then I love them. I try to show my friends I care by being present when I am with them. I try to avoid speaking with or interacting with people that I find toxic. That has resulted in my detaching from certain family members and acquaintances.  But that is okay. I can detach with love and I can detach with disinterest. But I try to make a conscious effort to spend time with people I care about and the use the  lovely tangible items I have and enjoy them on a daily basis so that I can celebrate life in every positive way.

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