Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Amazing Wonders of the Universe & My Belief in a Higher Power

The Amazing Wonders of the Universe & My Belief in a Higher Power

There is nothing more beautiful, destructive, amazing, terrifying or powerful than Mother Nature or the Universe proving the existence of a higher power. During times in my life when I’ve searched for my own understanding of a higher power, sometimes feeling lost or unsure of my path, I’ve always known and accepted there is a power or are powers greater than myself.

The path of destruction and devastation of Sandy illustrates how we humans have no power over other people, places and things. Despite the technological advances of modern society, we cannot influence the direction of a storm. We can take precautions and use computer models in an attempt to estimate the path of the storm and evacuate areas particularly vulnerable, but we cannot alter trajectory of the storm, stop the winds, or build fortifications of sufficient strength to stop the raging waters. I watched the news reports in awe at what nature wrought.

But just when we humans finds ourselves in the midst of devastation, the sun comes out, the winds subside, the waters recede, and we are filled with hope. We have seen the power greater than ourselves at her worst and recall her at her best.

After devastation there is always rebirth. I still recall my amazement following the forest fires in Yellowstone National Park in the fall of 1988 that swept through thousands of acres killing scores of animals and leavings the park scorched and blackened. But almost immediately, there were signs of regrowth. That trip, more than any other experience, instilled in me the belief in a higher power.  While I may not be a religious person, I feel at one with the Universe in the midst of a storm and after, when we are given the hope we need to rebuild. 

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