Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Memories of Halloween as a Kid

Memories of Halloween as a Kid

I always loved Halloween as a kid. My favorite costume was a clown costume my mom made. I wore it for several years. It was always so much fun to get dressed up and head out to trick or treat. Although in north central Indiana we sometimes had to wear our winter coats UNDER the costume!

Generally, my brother and sister and I headed out with my dad accompanying us. We were only allowed to visit houses of people we knew in the neighborhood. Dad would drive us to the houses farther away, which usually included some family friends and babysitters who loved to see us dressed up. We never went to the scary houses of people we didn’t know who were more likely to put razor blades in our apples! But even at that time, it was a concern. This is not a 21st Century phenomenon.

When we returned with our loot, mom confiscated it so we wouldn’t over indulge in candy, buzz around on a sugar high and ruin our teeth! She consolidated the haul into a container she kept on top of the refrigerator and doled out the treats so they would last. I’ve no doubt she pilfered some of the choicer bits of chocolate after we’d gone to bed.

While we children were marginally resentful that we couldn’t stuff ourselves with candy until we were ready to burst, our parents taught us some lessons of moderation that still resonate today.  

I am thankful that candy and treats were rationed. Even now I am satisfied with one cookie or one piece of chocolate when I need a fix. And….as one of the young participants at a conference I attended a few years ago noted…..I have really nice teeth….for my age!

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