Monday, October 1, 2012

My Argument to End The Tax Credit for People Who Have Children

My Argument to End The Tax Credit for People Who Have Children

I just happened to hear discussion on CNN this morning about those concerned about the  apparent end of certain tax breaks that many Americans have become accustomed to receiving.

First of all, I am in favor of eliminating all deductions and exemptions and replacing the current tax system with either a national sales tax or a flat tax. However, those options are not currently on the radar of any politicians currying favor with the electorate who love their sacred cows, geese, rodents, deer and possums.

One of the tax credits that offends me the most is the Child Tax Credit, which  allows families with children under age 17 earning at least $3,000 to receive a refund of 15 percent of their earnings above $3,000 up to $1,000 per child. This is, of course, in additional to the exemptions for head of household, spouse and or each dependent member of a family. Essentially, people are subsidized for procreating – often irresponsibly.

Frankly, I do not believe the federal government should reward people who beget children. Having children is a choice. And if one wants to have multiple children, one should be prepared to pay to raise them without handouts. Those who choose not to have children should not have to subsidize those who do beyond the local and state taxes one must pay to support the public schools, busses, free lunches, and Medicaid for care for the uninsured.  Perhaps eliminating subsidies for families will cause some to reconsider the wisdom of having numerous children they cannot afford. If you can’t feed them, clothe them, house them, school them, and raise them without government support, don’t have them.

In our world where advocates urge us to think responsibly about the earth and its natural resources, it would seem more  environmentally correct, socially correct and politically correct – not to mention cost effective -to pay people not to have children. Why should  those who decide not to contribute to over population have to pay more in taxes to subsidize those who do?

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