Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another Use for Windex ~ The Wonder Product

Another Use for Windex ~ The Wonder Product

After my first viewing of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” I learned that Windex is miraculous in that it will not only clean windows, it will purportedly heal zits in a nanosecond.

Since Windex is an ammonia-based cleaner, I figured I’d stick with the dermatologist tested retinol products to keep my complexion clear and my skin ever youthful. So, in our household, Windex remained the go-to product only for  cleaning streak proof mirrors, windows, windshields, and glass top tables.

This morning, however, in sheer desperation, I turned to the Internet to find a solution to serious problem. When I awakened Friday morning, the chill in the air left me with lithe happy fingers. So while I was dressing for my trip I decided to wear my lovely emerald ring from Johnny’s Jewelry in Hong Kong. It is a size seven,  just an iota smaller than my current preferred ring size of 7 ¼ to 7 ½. The ring went on easily enough and I wore it with no discomfort until the latter part of the afternoon when my fingers began to swell from the heat in the courtroom to the heat on the Acela train. My right ring finger was red and bulbous and my ring was nearly impacted on my finger.

When I got home that evening, I tried running my hand under a stream of cold water, I tried soap, I tried hand lotion, I tried hair conditioner; I tried to sleep with my hand uncovered in the cool air of the bedroom. Every twist or pull or turn merely resulted in greater frustration, pain and swollen heat filled flesh surrounding the ring.

By the time I finished my 1st cappuccino this morning, I just knew that searching Google would provide a solution that did not include having the ring cut off.

Various websites recommended cold water, Vaseline, Preparation H, raising your hand above heart level. Twist gently; don’t pull it up. There are even instructions on how to wrap one’s finger tightly with dental floss to compress the flesh to enable the ring to slide over the floss.

But the top recommendation, bar none, was spraying one’s finger and ring with Windex. Contributors swore at the efficacy of the procedure. Although I retained a healthy amount of skepticism, the opportunity was too great to pass up. I retrieved the spray bottle from under the sink and doused my right ring finger and ring with a healthy dose. Much to my wonder and surprise, the ring slipped off immediately. What had sounded to be a preposterous endeavor ~using Windex  to facilitate the removal of the movable cherished ring

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