Saturday, February 16, 2013

Not Loving the Maxi Dress

Not Loving the Maxi Dress

When the maxi dress first returned to stores, I eschewed them as a retread, passé’, an attempt to revamp an old trick, and well, matronly. Since I’ve made it a point to learn what flatters me and to buy only what I love, I decided I would not succumb to the whimsy of the maxi. I’d been there and done that. I resisted for the first few years of the resurgence.

But last summer, while looking for something different to wear for my high school reunion, I found a dress I loved – save for the fact it was a maxi. I tried it on, loved the cut and color, and decided to give it a try.  I succumbed to fashion. My excuse was simple - there were few knee-length dresses of the cut and style that I prefer.

I’d read reviews and blogs describing the wonders of the maxi, the comfort and ease of wearing one. There was no need to shave one’s legs. Of course, the places one could wear such a style were limited. One did not wear a maxi to work, to church, to the bowling alley, to the grocery store, or to a picnic. I did read women who sang the praises of just such a dress for cruises or dinner in Hawaii. But, alas, that was not my life.

I wore the dress to my reunion. It was attractive and comfortable. But, all in all, the length was not all that flattering. And despite what may claim, it is not as comfortable as a knee length dress of a similar cut and style. Shorter skirts allow the breeze to flow. And, since I shave my legs, hiding fur was not an issue.

So today, as I emerged from my winter hibernation, I packaged the three maxi dresses I purchased last summer, headed to the tailor, and requested the length be removed, shortened, purged, and eliminated. I am not tall enough to look statuesque in a maxi. I am not thin enough to look lithe.  I look my best in a knee length dress or skirt. It is flirty, fun, cool, classic, always flattering and comfortable. It is well worth the alteration costs to renovate a dress with dynamic colors in a beautiful style that will result in my getting much more wear out of a purchase.

So long to the maxi! You served me well in my youth.  But I’ve moved on. Really, I’m done being a fashion victim.

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