Thursday, February 28, 2013

Date Night With My Husband

Date Night With My Husband

Tonight was date night. Even though we’ve been together several years, my husband and I still try to enjoy a date night once per week. When neither of us is traveling for work we make a concerted effort to commute into Washington together once per week and then before heading home try a new restaurant, explore a local market, have pizza at our favorite pub in Leesburg, Virginia, meet friends for happy hour, or head back to Winchester for a bite at Chop Sticks, a favorite local establishment with top flight Asian cuisine.  We text and email each other with restaurant menus, make impromptu stops at interesting shops and put behind us the stresses of the work day.

If we can’t manage an evening during the week, we plan an outing on the weekend such as a visit to a local winery, a wine tasting and lunch at the Locke Store in Boyce, Virginia, a nice dinner after a Civil War reenactment, or a joint trip to the hardware store or supermarket with lunch or brunch at Panera Bread, Bob Evans or a local place on the Winchester walking mall.

We make it a point to tell one another how we appreciate our relationship and value the connection that we’ve made, remind ourselves how fortunate we are, and laugh together.  This week is a bonus week – date night and a weekend trip to the hardware store to buy a new kitchen faucet. It really is the little things!

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