Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter Hibernation

Winter Hibernation

As I’ve said on many occasions, I am a summer girl. I was born in the middle of summer and relish the sun, landscaping, gardening, the smell of freshly cut grass, the aroma and beauty of my roses, the feel of a warm breeze on my skin, watching the humming birds flitting about and sipping a glass of wine on the deck in the evening.

I am resistant to cold weather, having to wear socks, shoveling snow, trudging through inclement weather to fetch the mail or feed the birds, being stuck in traffic jams as a result of ice covered roads, leaving for work in the dark only to drive home in the dark, living in an environment of closed windows and frigid tile floors, and dealing with frozen fingers and cold feet.  In winter, I tend to hibernate. I am less social. I hunker down, stay home, withdraw from the world, acts as an organizing / cleaning maniac, drink copious amounts of green tea, and wait for spring. I eat cookies and put on my winter layer of fat. Apparently I’m part bear. I use any excuse to skip a social engagement, miss a yoga class, avoid commuting to my office, or even check the mail. Perhaps because I’ve slid down our ski slope of a driveway more times than I care to count on my backside.

 In my youth I relished cold weather, felt exhilarated by frosty mornings, mounds of snow, watching my breath as I exhaled. I loved sweaters, wool, tights, cords, turtlenecks, throwing snowballs and basketball games. As a young adult I indulged in fur, extravagant hats, whimsical sweaters, stylish boots, Colts football games and happy hours.

But maybe it isn’t a bad thing. Perhaps my hibernation in winter helps me regenerate so that I have the energy and desire to participate in my spring and summer activities. When the trees start to leaf and the flowers start peaking through the earth, I know it is time to think about planting tomatoes, the new wisteria that will, this time, bloom, practice my wet plate photography and prepare for the 150th  Civil War Anniversary events, look forward to digging in the soil, and celebrate the sun.  As a summer girl I thrive in the heat, I am more of a social animal, I can embrace humanity and celebrate light.

Whatever Mr. Groundhog predicts, I know summer is just around the corner. And I am ready.  

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