Friday, February 22, 2013

My Favorite Tee of Spring 2013

I am always on a quest for a flattering tee for a woman of a certain age. At this point, I don’t bother with a silk shell or blouse under my suit jackets. Silk needs to be dry-cleaned and at my current stage in life my top would have to be cleaned after every wearing. Tees are washable, but they must be of a professional style and flattering cut.

Crewnecks are stifling. V-necks will do in a pinch. A scoop neck is perfect, but hard to find. But a most appealing option is the current offering by Coldwater Creek of a square neck tee with cap sleeves and just the right amount of spandex for stretch.

This top is currently available in 6 colors and is extremely flattering on any body type. I bought it in 4 of the color options with a temptation to purchase the other 2.

I do recommend you size down. It is a roomy cut. It is such a beautiful top. And it is so rare to find a square neck top. I would urge the buyers for the various purveyors of women’s wear to think about flattering necklines. Really, the crewneck favors nobody!

I have to admit I’ve never been a regular customer of Coldwater Creek. In the past, I’ve found the fashions to be somewhat skewed towards matronly, which is a curse word in my world. However, I’ve tried to be open to the offerings of any number of boutique style stores and have concluded that with keeping a keen focus on what is fashionable, there are clothes at Coldwater Creek that are eminently wearable. Give it a try!

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