Monday, January 26, 2015

A Skeptic Convinced -My Initial Impression of Shakeology by Beachbody~

My spousal unit and I have begun week 22 of our Tony Horton / Beachbody workouts. We began with the original Power 90 in August and have started week 10 of the new, improved P90 program.

We are both in our mid 50’s and began our journeys in less than ideal physical condition – primarily because we celebrate the delights of food and wine on a daily basis. Wine is a religious beverage and I feel it is my moral responsibility to ensure the fledgling wineries of my home state of Virginia not just survive, but thrive.

But I digress. This episode pertains to the nutrition supplement constantly advertised by Beachbody on every DVD = Shakeology, which is advertised as
a drink that can help one “lose weight, reduce junk food cravings, increase energy, and improve digestion and regularity. “

I’m a skeptic when it comes to nutritional supplements or diet gimmicks. I approach most ads of this ilk with not only skepticism but a modicum of disdain. I don’t believe the hype, swallow the bull-feathers or fall prey to snake-oil salesmen. I’ve never ordered anything from QVC, the Home Shopping Network, RONCO, or an infomercial.  So I scoffed during the Shakeology ads.  But after the initial 12 weeks of Power 90, my husband suggested we give Shakeology a try. We had improved our physical fitness level. However, we still had not adjusted our diets significantly. And we both agreed with Tony Horton’s belief that one cannot exercise one’s way out of a bad diet.

Shakeology is expensive. But we conducted some research and decided to give it a try for one month. We started January 5th. Shakeology is available in several flavors – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and greenberry with 2 vegan options. My husband got the chocolate and I opted for strawberry. Every morning after our workout we mix up our shakes.  I mix a scoop of the strawberry Shakeology with a bit of POM juice, some frozen fruit, a bit of crushed ice and a banana in the blender. I was shocked! It tasted great. It is filling. My cravings for chocolate, chips, and snacks of any kind have abated. Instead I feel sated with a snack of yogurt or cottage cheese. My energy level has increased.

Have I lost much weight? No. But my muscles are toned. My shape is changed. I look better and feel better. At 55, what more could I desire? And I’ve not given up my vino, the nectar of the gods.

Give it a try!


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