Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Pay It Forward Initiative~

Several of my friends are participating in a “Pay It Forward” initiative on Facebook, which involves practicing an act of kindness and passing that on, with the intention to spread good cheer, compassion and wellbeing to others.

I like the concept. But I would also like to see this exercise practiced on a regular basis to include people we do not know but meet by chance.  Most of us have the chance to do something kind multiple times during a day or a week or a month, but we resist to avoid being rebuked, looking stupid, being scammed, or because we are just too busy or don’t care.

During my years of recovery in Al Anon I learned a lot about myself. I accepted the good and the facets of my character that I needed to change. In particular, I worked to reboot my cynical side so that I can now be open to the concept that people who ask for help may just need it and that I can accept that concept, lend a helping hand or give somebody $20 for gas or a train ticket and not worry whether I’ve been scammed. Instead perhaps the person I’ve helped with do the same for somebody else when they are able.

To me that is the ultimate concept of paying it forward. I accept that I have been blessed with good fortune in my life. I’ve had amazing people step into my orbit at just the right time and offering just the right support or loving kindness without strings, judgment, or expectation of reciprocation. That is what I want to pay forward.  And if somebody offers thanks, that is a bonus.

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