Saturday, January 3, 2015

Challenging The Diva Within~

Like many women I have a multifaceted personality that includes an inner diva. I’m not proud to acknowledge that I can at times channel Maria Callas {an opera singer of incomparable talent and companion to Aristotle Onassis} Truly I have no basis to react to situations with temperamental, imperious or self-absorbed characteristics, but I do occasionally respond to stimuli as if I were a prima donna lyric  soprano with the Metropolitan Opera.

Maria Callas

In other words, I have the tendency, on occasion, to exhibit “an attitude”. I do not appreciate those who abrogate their commitments, change their minds, delegate vicariously or leverage positions of authority without cause. When I am blindsided or asked to step up to the plate at the last minute, I do not always respond with graciousness – even though I understand that I should. It is difficult for me to bite my tongue, suck it up, and do what I must do. My inner diva rebels – often against my better judgment. It is only through the grace of my higher power or serendipity that I take the high road.

Jessye Norman

Additionally, I have a supportive and savvy husband who reminds me of my place in the pecking order. He cautions me to do what I must to survive and thrive in the world and advises me to keep my ego in check. So I acquiesce somewhat grudgingly, adjust my attitude and do what I must do.

Joan Sutherland

Ultimately, I am blessed that I understand and appreciate my personal challenges and know what I must overcome. That is more than half the battle.

Kiri Takanawa

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