Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fascination With Home Improvement Shows

When DIRECTV, our service with more than 500 channels, disappoints with nary a show to watch, which occurs on a daily basis, my spousal unit and I flip to one of the various home improvement or renovation shows on HGTV or DIY for mindless entertainment.

We’ve become enamored with the shows titled “Rehab Addict”, “Love It or List It”, “House Hunters”. Flip Or Flop”, “Curb Appeal”, and “Fixer Upper”. Our collective favorites these days are “Rehab   Addict” and “Fixer Upper”. The problem with all of these shows, which is no doubt their purpose, it that we homeowners become dissatisfied with our own humbles abodes – no matter how much better they may be than any place one might reside in a third world country.

I’ve become obsessed with renovating our master bathroom and updating our 10 year-old kitchen with every organizational cabinet feature imaginable. I have developed serious urges to knock out walls, add windows, add a sunroom, truck in tons of topsoil to create a luscious Garden of Eden on our rocky ridge and create utopia on inhospitable land in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

My spousal unit expresses concern that any significant home renovations could cause us to extend our working years and put off retirement. But I plan to live to a minimum of 95, so I have at least 40 more years of life left in me. And if I want a gorgeous tiles shower, a free standing tub, and new kitchen cabinets, should I really do without? I think not. When we bought our house, we were just thrilled to have the house. After living in it for 10 years, we’ve come to appreciate the certain modifications could make our haven even more user friendly. So I say, let’s go for it! If we die with debt……um….

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