Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Appreciating Each Moment

Appreciating Each Moment

On this first day of 2014 I’ve been thinking about my intention to celebrate the little things and appreciate day and each moment. I’m not one for New Year resolutions because I don’t save my reboot for one day per year. Instead, I believe in rebooting my attitude whenever my thoughts start to veer towards the negative. Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes not so much. But I have the self-awareness at age 54 to know that approaching life in this way allows me to enjoy peace, serenity, happiness, joy, and good fortune.

So far today I’ve found pleasure in my cat Beauregard crawling on my chest this morning to give me a good morning knead as he rubbed his face against my cheek; feeling the scratchiness of my husband’s beard on my lips as I kissed him bearing a warm-up for his coffee; the peacefulness of lounging with a mug of coffee looking out the window of the family room watching the birds at the feeder; feeling the warmth of the fire as I sat in a rocker reading a book; inhaling the smell of the fabric softener as I removed clothes from the dryer; tasting the salt, pepper and olive oil  that coated the freshly baked bread used to make the grilled ham and cheese sandwiches we had for lunch.  Ah ~ it is the simple things that make life grand.

It is my intention to continue living with awareness, with my focus in the present, celebrating moments. And when I get off track, I hope I have the wherewithal to stop, think, reboot, adjust my attitude, remind myself to feel gratitude for my blessings and the lessons that life has taught me which enable me to appreciate today, and to move forward with positivity and appreciation for the joy, happiness, good fortune, spirituality, peace and serenity that I’ve found – even if sometimes it is only in a moment. 

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