Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to Deal with Toxic People ~ Put Them in the Freezer!

How to Deal with Toxic People ~ Put Them in the Freezer!

Yesterday afternoon I was chatting with a co-worker and we discovered we both employ the same solution for dealing with the toxic people in our lives. We both learned the tip from our mutual friend, Alice.  And like the evolved and generous soul that I am, I continually pay this bit of psychic assistance forward.

As crazy as it sounds, putting those unfriendly folks who cause us angst, frustration, heartburn, GERD, an ulcer, or post traumatic stress disorder in the freezer makes it all better.

Now, I’m not suggesting that one follow in the footsteps of Jeffrey Dahmer and freeze actual people or parts. This is a figurative freezing of said nemesis. To make your life much happier, healthier, serene, peaceful and copasetic, I recommend the following procedure:

1)   Identify who causes you angst;
2)   Write each name on an individual little strip of paper;
3)   Place the piece of paper in a paper or plastic cup (small Dixie cups will do)
4)   Fill the cup with enough water to cover the piece of paper;
5)   Place the cup in your freezer;
6)   Forget about the toxic person and move on with your life.

Perhaps this is a form of releasing resentments, which for me has replaced the freezer. But I know that if I ever need a remedial lesson in letting go, this is the place to start. At one time I had a half shelf in my freezer filled with these little cups including a former significant other, a raging psycho-bitch former supervisor/friend/coworker [from a former employer], an ex-husband, the IRS, the occasional relative, or any identifiable person that raised my blood pressure. In fact I had one former boyfriend that warranted freezing, burning and flushing. There is something about the ritual!

And amazingly enough, my stress lessened and I forgot about my resentments. Even my skeptical husband relented, froze of toxic person in his life and had to concede it worked. The Universe does work in mysterious ways.

So, go ahead. Give it a go. What do you have to lose?

Today, I use meditation & yoga & a specific personal process for releasing my resentments. But the freezer is always there to fall back on.  And I can state with absolute certainty that it works far better than imagining a crazy person has a brain tumor and can’t help being a psycho bitch. Really – that was the recommendation of a former therapist Nyet on that one!

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