Friday, January 3, 2014

My Latest Compulsion ~ Baking No Knead Free Form Artisan Bread!

My Latest Compulsion ~ Baking No Knead Free Form Artisan Bread!

Few to zero people have ever accused me of being a domestic goddess ~ a goddess maybe, but, despite my being born a Cancer (according to what could be a flawed Zodiac) I have little interest in the domestic arts.  And I tend to be a dilettante in whatever endeavor calls to me at any given time. So, at this moment in 2014 I have plunged fully into baking bread – the easy way.

Thanks to the experimentation of Dr. Jeff Hertzberg and his wife Zoe Fran├žois, and their book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day [not to mention the patient tutoring by my devoted domestic god, Todd] I have successfully baked bread that is not just edible, but delicious and easy.

I love bread. I still dream of a particular walnut wheat bread that was baked by the chefs at the Marriot Hotel in Hong Kong in 1992. Perhaps it is my Catholic upbringing, but with a multi vitamin I’m fairly certain I could survive on a diet of bread and wine.  And, according to the description on their website of the latest book titled: The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: the Discovery that Revolutionizes Home Baking, [which dispatched to me] includes gluten free five minute recipes!

If you love freshly baked artisan bread and really want to try baking bread at home, I  highly recommend that you check out this  website : This dough also works well for  pizza ! I’ve also provided this link to a great article, which is where I found the recipe :

Try it! If I can do it, you can!

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