Friday, January 24, 2014

Do They Never Learn? How Obtuse the Politician!

Do They Never Learn? How Obtuse the Politician!

I am a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia and a registered Republican who voted for former Governor McDonnell. What an idiot! It continues to dumbfound me that in today’s environment there are so many politicians that engage in ill-advised behavior and believe they won’t be caught.

Perception is reality. Whether the actions of former Governor McDonnell and his wife ultimately constitute criminal acts is largely irrelevant. More often than not, smoke means there is a fire. But even if there is no fire, there was bad judgment.

Really, was it necessary for Maureen McDonnell to wear a designer dress to the inaugural? Who thought that shopping trip to New York was a good idea? Did nobody think that selling one of the vacations homes would have been better than borrowing money from a rich benefactor?  Did nobody learn from Watergate that lying to investigators caused more problems than a cover-up?

Republicans that espouse fiscal conservatism for the government should practice it in their own lives.  How can a governor argue that the government should balance its budget when he is highly leveraged and drowning in debt?  On what level did it seem a good idea to accept $165K in gifts?

I work for a Fortune 500 company that has deemed I cannot accept a ham sandwich from a person or a company seeking or already doing business with my company because of the perception of impropriety.  There should be zero tolerance for politicians.

Ethics reform should include provisions that prohibit any politician and family member from accepting any gift from a donor, a constituent, an individual or a company seeking to influence in any way. 

In the real world, accepting a loan, donation or a gift in exchange for influence constitutes bribery.  I have no wealthy friends offering to “loan” me Louis Vuitton shoes. And really, nobody loans shoes. After they are worn, shoes are of no value on the resale market. Yuck.

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