Friday, January 10, 2014

The Gifts of Age~

The Gifts of Age~

One of the things I discuss with my peers is the joy in reaching the point in life where it is easy to let go and just be the person one it meant to be.

In my youth I expended so much energy trying to impress others; to escape from where I came from; to recreate my past into a story that would look good to strangers, to present an image that showed the world that I matter.

Fortunately, the experience of life afforded me the knowledge, awareness, confidence or indifference to let that all go. Really, it isn’t indifference. It is more the finding that what other people think really doesn’t matter. I accept that I matter because I am. People will accept me as I am or they won’t. And if they won’t – that isn’t my problem.

That isn’t to suggest that one should merely give up and slide into obscurity. Instead I find this period of growth exhilarating or freeing. Now I have the wherewithal to focus on what matters to me. 

In my 20’s and 30’s up until my mid 40’s, it seemed so important to achieve recognition and accolades in the workplace. Then I found my path to enlightenment. For me enlightenment means working the 40-60 hours per week it takes to excel at my job and then quitting for the day or the week. I don’t work weekends. I rarely work beyond 7:00pm. On yoga days, I click off the computer at 5:15pm, change and head into town to find inner wellbeing on the mat. Afterwards I join like-minded individuals for wine or tea and conversation. Or I head home and make a light dinner, have a glass of wine, chat with my spouse, read, explore something new, watch TV, bake bread, write my blog, sew, knit, pet my cats, talk to loved ones, work puzzles, shop online, garden, watch the sky, stand on my head, or whatever seems right at the time.

I embrace whatever season it is.  I celebrate my family and friends. I express gratitude for being where I am today. That is the greatest gift of age. Accepting oneself totally  ~ and being okay with where I am to

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