Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Favorite On-Line Shopping Sites for Women of a Certain Age~

It is that time of year where I’m torn between nabbing fabulous deals at the after holiday sales or waiting just a few weeks for the itch to navigate my way through websites full of spring temptations.  Knowing my weak-willed self, I’ll no doubt indulge in both options.

What I can state with absolute certainty is that we women that no longer shop in the “Juniors” departments can find an abundance of shops and websites that offer affordable, fashionable clothing, shoes and accessories at our well manicured fingertips.  No frumpy mom jeans, appliqued sweatshirts, muumuu tops, chintz prints that belong on a 1980’s era sofa, granny panties, sensible shoes, or elastic waist pants.  Do not be afraid the spread your well toned wings and try someplace new.

These are some of my favorite resources. I’ve not included any sites that focus on high priced designer duds because while I love good quality and a bit of flamboyance, I am essentially a fiscal conservative in my own unique way.

For fabulous bras in a stunning array of sizes, a panty raid several times per year, inexpensive knit dresses, scrumptious robes, and great lounge wear:

Jeans, So Slimming Trousers, Belts, Gorgeous Costume Jewelry, Delightful Reading Glasses, and Flattering Dresses:  [now with expanded sizes & petites]

Casual & Business Casual Clothes and the Occasional Nice  [styles have improved dramatically]

Business Attire & Casual Wear   [It is making a come-back]

More Fashion Forward ~with trendier tops, skirts, dresses, home d├ęcor

Wonderfully versatile cashmere wraps, leggings, sweaters & home decor:
These shawls/wraps are great for lounging at home or travel.

Long flowing skirts, unique sweaters and tunics with a focus on comfort; beautiful bedding, lovely curtains:

Casualwear for Misses, Petites, Talls

Department Stores:
My favorite for shoes, handbags, Zella & Lysse leggings, coats, perfume, cosmetics, accessories, etc. [my credit card has melted]

I also LOVE:

And it is possible to find the occasional Brahmin handbag or pair of Amalfi shoes on sale at:

Shoes:  [the only ballet flats I wear ~ expensive but worth it] [more shoes than you can imagine in every size imaginable]

The Best Business Travel Bag that fits in the overhead compartment of even the smallest puddle jumper:

The best hard-sided wheeled laptop case for commuters: [at least 3 other women at my office now have the snake print like mineJ]


Reproduction Georgian, Victorian & Edwardian Jewelry:

Everything Else:

 And ALWAYS search Google for a coupon or promo code before buying something online!
In the search box enter the name of the site and add "coupon code" or "promo code". Check several links!

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