Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Niece Is Getting Married 10/10~ Where Did The Years Go?

My 22-year-old niece is getting married October 10th. She has grown into a beautiful, thoughtful, smart, self-assured young woman who knows what she wants.  She has an honest, straightforward relationship with her husband to be that many far older would envy.  I wish then years of happiness.

It is difficult to believe that the baby I held during her Baptism is now an adult getting prepared to raise her own family. I have fond memories of her sitting next to me at a holiday dinner and removing my earrings to affix them to her own ears; of bending over with her butt up in the air in front of the fireplace painting her toenails at the age of 3; of my dragging her to the National Gallery, Mount Vernon, the National Cathedral, and the Gettysburg National Battlefield with the promise if a visit to a nearby outlet mall as a carrot.  But she always had an insightful comment or thought to share at each cultural site about George Washington’s architectural design sense, the difficulty of sculpting a gargoyle, the perspective of Fra Lippo Lippi’s painting, or the benefits of holding the high ground in a battle.

We’ve had our times of closeness and separation over time and geography that is a natural part of family and life. But I am proud of the young woman she has become and thrilled to be a part of her special day.

It seems like only yesterday that she was a child – as if I blinked my eyes and the years passed in a whirl. But that is why I’ve learned to enjoy each moment and savor each feeling, experience, sight, sound and smell. It is all so fleeing. But I am intent on embracing each moment and celebrating each milestone with my whole being – hoping that my experience, strength and hope will give some guidance to the next generation.

Here’s to Katy & Trey! Wishing a long, happy, joyful, prosperous life filled with love and abundance.

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