Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Still On The Quest For The Perfect Jeans

I'm still on a quest to find the perfect jeans. Of course, what defines "perfect" has morphed over the years with changes in fabric technology and my aging physique. At the age of 32 I could make any garment work. But during that phase I had abandoned jeans for more sophisticated fashion during my days in Hong Kong...a time when " smart casual" jokingly meant "sans tiara" 😎

Once I'd returned to "real life" jeans once again became part of my wardrobe. But it wasn't until I moved to the country and started working from home full time that I divested my closet of all of my suits, donated anything that required dry-cleaning or ironing( except my 19th Century fashions), and settled into a life consisting primarily of denim and leggings.

Comfort and fit are key. At 56 I can still rock a pair of skinny jeans and have no intention of giving up on fashion to resort to mom jeans or those LL Bean "comfort waist" abominations. So, I've been experimenting and can report that there are numerous options for women of a certain age.

1) my favorite jeans so far for fit, style and comfort: Joe's mid rise Vintage 1971 ankle jeans. I could sleep in these and I feel terrific wearing them. Expensive, but watch for sales.
2) NYDJ skinny jeans have the right amount of stretch for comfort and are flattering for adults;
3) Paige premium denim skinny jeans were the most expensive; but hey! I'm worth it!
4) Madewell jeans fit great, are comfortable and reasonably priced. My 22 year old niece recommended Madewell and I highly recommend them for women of all ages.
5) Chico's designs some stylish jeans with a bit of stretch and some bling.
6) Talbots keeps trying but still hasn't gotten it quite right. A good option on sale.
7) LL Bean flannel lined strait leg jeans are just perfect for clearing the driveway after a snow storm. But, these jeans are utilitarian.

No doubt there are other fabulous options. I've heard great things about AG. But I can't bring myself to pay over $200 for denim. Perhaps if I were one to keep only one or two pair on hand; but that isn't me. I want options.

So, what do you recommend? I'd love some feedback and recommendations!

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