Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Abby Normal Family & Our Fictional Friends~ Must Have A Sense of Humor

Calvin & Hobbes

In the age of modern technology texting is the best way for family to stay in touch throughout the day. My parents and siblings are geographically inconvenient for Sunday dinners. So we do the next best thing – occasional phone calls and regular texts that tend to include inside jokes and recurring amusements. Fortunately, we all have off kilter senses of humor and have no problems beating what others would consider a dead horse – or in the case this week – an unfortunate rodent named Ralph that overdosed on peanut butter after invading my dad’s cereal box.

But the real delight came with our daylong exchanges about which members of the fictional Pappazino family were invited to my niece’s bridal shower. The Pappazino’s were born from the misheard mumblings of a drunken man looking for the “pop machine” somewhere around 1987. My sister and her best friend thought he asked where to find the Pappazino family. And amid gales of laughter the Pappazinos entered our lives. We populated a family tree; created back-stories and relationships; exchanged letters and gifts; and perplexed those who weren’t in the know.

Sometimes a few years would go by without any word from the Pappazino family. But now, with a new generation to entertain, we’ve resurrected them. There have been Pappazino divorces, unfortunate deaths by alligator, estrangements, illnesses, exotic travels and invitations lost by pony express. But I am delighted to say the fun continues. What better way to laugh together long distance, chuckle at the absurdity for a brief moment on a Tuesday afternoon, and maintain the wonderfully silly connections with loved ones that make life grand.
Goodbye Captain Tuttle

Here’s a toast to Linda Pappazino! Wonder what she’ll get my niece for a wedding gift?

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