Friday, August 31, 2012

Addicted to Technology

When I was in high school and college it never occurred to me that I would have to eventually use computers. That was the age of the electric typewriter. Computers were humongous and out of the reach of the average humanoid. Computer geeks spoke a foreign language like COBOL (?) and never left the basement of the science building.

Sometime around 1985 the insurance company that employed me bought desk top computers. They didn't do much - but they did revolutionize the way we worked. Still - the average schmuck did not have a computer at home.

Sometime in the mid 1990s my brother gave me his old 386. I had dial up internet through my phone company. My world changed. My next move was a brand new Gateway desktop with Windows 95. From there I've morphed into a maniac.

Today, I rely on my personal technology and felt bereft if even one machine fails to function. My marquee favorite is my Apply Mac Book Pro - but I've had problems with the mag charger failing, which has left me
Mac-less twice since April while I waited for a replacement part. Because Turbo Tax business does not support Mac, I have to keep a Microsoft laptop on hand for the Harrington Traveling Photographic Artists business applications. I need my iPad2 to play Angry Birds and to take with on travel. It is also a great e-reader while lying in bed because of the back lighting.

And of course, I have a Kindle2 to ready while on travel or commuting, a Kindle Fire to watch videos, a Droid for personal communications, a Blackberry for business and a work issued laptop.

For a person that never thought she would need any computer skills, I've become tethered to my technology.
I'm addicted to Face Book, Yahoo, email, and online shopping. I think I should blame my husband - he first introduced me to eBay - the world's mall and garage sale - and started my on my downward spiral.

But, really, I'm not an addict. It isn't denial. I could stop any time. If I really wanted to. Really. I could. Probably. Maybe. Ok...I could just keep the iPad2, and the Mac...and the Droid....well, the Kindle is already paid for and really doesn't take up too much space.....

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