Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Hope Springs “– Lessons from the Movie, Part I

"Hope Springs “– Lessons from the Movie, Part I

Todd and I went to see “Hope Springs” last Friday evening.  It was refreshing to see a film produced for adults with age appropriate actors playing the lead roles. Both Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones are in their 60’s and gave realistic  and nuanced performances as a married couple who have taken one another for granted for years, lost the memory of what had first brought them together, and made an effort to rekindle their marriage.

What first struck me when we entered the theater was the realization that the showing was packed. At 4:30 on a Friday evening, the theater was full of people / couples who had come to see a show aimed at them. And…the movie was over too late to catch the early bird special!  While people of the baby boom and greatest generations may not return to see the same movie multiple times, and while the distributors could not sell action figures based on this movie, it is clear that if Hollywood makes a good movie with a relevant story line aimed at persons outside the preferred demographic of young men under 30, people will come.  And those of us enjoying the benefits of viewing at the Alamo Drafthouse, also enjoyed an adult beverage or two while watching the film.

Particularly with the baby boomer reaching retirement age, Hollywood cannot afford to ignore such a huge segment of the population. People will pay to see a movie in the theater if it is good. 
And I suppose “Hope Spring” eternal that with this success, there will be more studios willing to take the risk on making a movie for adults that star adults. While we understand the culture of youth, those of us of a certain age have the financial resources to spend on frivolities such as seeing a movie in the theater where as the target demographic today may not be in such a position. 

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