Monday, August 6, 2012

The Right to Bare Arms (okay – Bear Arms)

I didn’t grow up with firearms in the house. There was really no need for home protection in the small town in Indiana in which I grew up. But my dad grew up on a farm and was raised with guns. My grandpa had firearms for hunting and killing varmints (loosely defined I might add). Hunting has always been a part of the American culture. I’ve always though it far better to cull the over population of deer than to allow them to starve.

But once I moved to the country my thoughts on the benefits of firearms for protection morphed.  Not only did I see the need to protect my cats from the evil incursions of raccoons, possums and groundhogs and my plants from deforestation at the mouths of vermin deer, but also to protect my home and person from ne’er do wells that stray off the beaten path. Just a mere 1.5 miles down our road there was a quadruple murder. And in one of the safest environs in Virginia, a young woman was savagely murdered a few weeks ago.

Because my husband is an advocate for personal protection and a great shot, I hadn’t previously found a need to arm myself. But, there is no guarantee he will be home when danger approaches. And I have no qualms about making the decision that if it comes to my life or the other guys, I choose mine. It is anathema to me that bleeding hearts argue that one should not shoot an intruder. What – you think you can reason with a criminal! I don’t advocate vigilante violence; but I do believe the Constitution gives us an individual right to self -protection.  As those who live in the country know ( to steal from my husband) when one needs the sheriff in seconds, he is minutes away!

So yes, I believe that to defend our homes, we should all be armed and dangerous!

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