Sunday, August 5, 2012

Positive Karma in Closet Cleaning

I am a compulsive shopper. I buy things I don’t need because they are pretty or because they will better fill a fashion niche than something I already own. For this I have no apologies. I love clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. There may be some deep-seated psychological reason for my constant shopping; however, I don’t really analyze the root cause because I have no intention of changing. I am fickle and believe that clearing the old makes room for the new in a karmic way.

 My personal image gurus constantly espouse the view that one should only keep in ones closet items that they love or things that make their hearts sing. What may call to me one season may fall flat the next. By recycling those items that no longer make my heart sing I make room for something that better serves me. And I believe it is best to donate rather than sell. Not only is it the humane thing to share what has been abundance heaped upon me, but it is also a lot of work to sell stuff on eBay and then ship it.  And selfishly, donating makes me feel better about my idiosyncratic issues!

I’ve morphed from a woman who loved solids in hot pink, burgundy and teal with a focus on long  A - line longer skirted suits to a fan of coral, chocolate brown,  gray, emerald green, cobalt blue,  purple  and animal printed jackets, cardigans, classic trousers, pencil skirts and twill pants. I’ve moved from loose to fitted, from boxy to body skimming, from hiding to celebrating the body I’ve been blessed with.

Style consultants urge us to wear only what we love – to  purge anything from our closets that are only okay, almost right, not so bad or a great deal on sale. We have a difficult time tossing those items that we’ve bought and never worn because they are still good or they were expensive or maybe it will be perfect  someday.

I personally espouse the theory that one should love it or lose it.  I’ve learned to only carry a handbag or wallet that I absolutely love, wear a coat that says “YES”, jeans that make my butt look fabulous, shoes that are stylish and comfortable, colors that make me smile, fabrics that feel fabulous against my skin, and selections that are easy care. I don’t want to spend a fortune on dry-cleaning or have the harsh chemicals against my skin.

I used to purge my closet twice per year when I changed my wardrobe over for the seasons. But now I perform this task throughout the year. Whenever I purchase something new, I try to purge something that no longer serves my life.  And there is always something to remove and donate to charity. Whenever I remove something that no longer serves me it makes room for something positive to enter – whether it be clothes, a handbag or a habit. Be it Fung Shui, karma, the power of the universe, or any other theory of positivity filling a void, I truly believe that in giving we receive. And it helps me justify my own idiosyncratic choices when I can claim I am passing along something nearly new to others.  Whatever works!

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