Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Libertarian Views

Some of my friends have mentioned that my views on life do not seem to fit within one of the established political niches. Perhaps that is the result of my strong Libertarian views, which are anathema to the extreme political ideology espoused by the two major political parties that have dominated the American government for far too long.

The liberal democrats support the social welfare state and argue that those who work hard should subsidize those who don’t.  But I agree with many of the liberal positions on tolerance for those who are not of the main stream.  Republicans espouse support for smaller government but want to legislate or regulate personal behavior.  Alternatively, Libertarians support freedom and liberty in both personal and economic matters.  Libertarians believe that central government powers should be limited, that government bloat should be reduced, that private charities should support the less fortunate, that individuals should be free to live as they choose without government interference, that individuals should be responsible for themselves, that free markets if left alone would work, that taxes should be limited and support infrastructure and security, that protecting civil liberties is the very foundation of our nation.

This is my person platform based upon my views on life and the role of government:

1.             I believe that both presidential candidates are awful;
2.            I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights;
3.            I believe taxes should be low and should not be used to redistribute the wealth of those who earn to those who do not;
4.            I believe that if there must be a federal income tax, the tax code needs to be changed and simplified, that all income should be taxed at the same rate and there should be zero exemptions and zero deductions.
5.            I believe that a federal sales tax would be more appropriate; food and medicine should be exempted.
6.            I believe that nominations and vetting for Supreme Court justices should be made based only on legal expertise and experience and there should be no ideological litmus test;
7.            I believe the federal and state government has no right to interfere with a woman’s right to choose whether or not to give birth.
8.            I believe that it is okay to pull the plug on terminally ill people. Death with dignity. Those that argue that life is precious should be more considerate of the suffering person and get over their selfishness in not wanting to let go;
9.            I believe that I should be able to defend myself from anybody who tries to cause me harm, intrude in my home with the apparent intent to do harm, or attempt to cause me harm in my yard or car or church or a movie theater;
10.        I believe all people should be treated equally with respect for who they are;
11.         If GLTB individuals want to get married, how does that harm you? If doesn’t, get over it!
12.         I believe that Americans should be tolerant of all regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, creed, national origin, marital status, size, style of dress, or socio economic position;
13.         I believe the US Military should stay out of foreign wars and attempting to impose our version of federalism on other sovereign nations. The USA is NOT a democracy! It is a republic!
14.        I do not believe the federal government or the American people owe anybody reparations for what happened in the past. There have been any number of nations, empires, or governments, that have wrongly treated indigenous people, slaves, or those who have been conquered. One makes amends by changing the behavior going forward – not concentrating on what has gone before;
15.         History is just that – it is history. There are always two or more sides to every story. Trying to ignore or rewrite history or to be an apologist serves nobody except special interest groups,
16.         Many people who have been deemed disabled by the federal government could actually work; my Aunt Mary was blind. She worked, lived alone, went to the symphony, cooked, tatted lace, sent my Aunt and cousins to college, read my mind, and did not wallow in self pity;
17.         The mortgage crisis was not just caused by predatory lenders; people made the decision to buy houses they couldn’t afford and knew that stated income loans were questionable – now want me to bail them out. This is not fair and equitable to those who played by the rules.
18.         The issue of prayer in schools should not be part of a political platform. Pray at home or in church or send your kid to a parochial school.
19.         I don’t smoke pot, but it should be legal and taxed.
20.        There should be no amnesty for illegal aliens. Either come here legally or be instantly deported if discovered.
21.         I should not have to pay for the education, medical care, or detention for illegals. Put them on a plane or a bus and send them home;
22.        Members of Congress should be subjected to the same laws as any other citizen. They should not have a retirement package and healthcare for life for serving a 2 year term;
23.        Exportation of jobs did not result from a free market; this resulted from product liability laws that place strict liability on a manufacturer for the misuse of its product, for expecting no margin for error; from union labor demanding pay and benefits that could not be sustained, from the American job market refusing to accept non -union jobs.
24.        If you don’t love the USA, leave! I’ve lived throughout the world and can attest this is the best country for overall quality of life. What people believe qualifies as poverty in this country others would dream of having!  
25.        The Declaration of Independence mentions life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do not get that confused with being owed happiness. Remember – it is all in the journey!

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